Train to Trang

We caught an overnight train to Trang and found the experience quite pleasant!

Before getting on the train

We had a 1st class compartment which consisted of a “couch like” seating area that turned into bunk beds, two fold out little tables and a small sink with aircon. The stinky squat toilet was down a narrow corridor (you should have seen Curtis squeezing through, one Thai laughed at how he had to scrunch his shoulders together to make himself smaller). While in the toilet, I just pretended I was camping and it wasn’t so bad.

squat toilet on the train

They brought our meals to our berth and sleeping was kind of soothing with the motion of the train. We played cards and drank Thai beer after it was too dark to see anything out the windows. A great way to travel!

Curtis on the train

We are heading for the island of Ko Libong today.

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  1. Yeah, the feeling of ‘accidently peeing’ on your feet will be a feeling that you will become quite accustomed to over time…lovely

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