Something Pink

When I stepped out of the shower one morning in Beaune, I was in mid-towel off when I spotted something pink on the floor. It only took a second for me to realize what it was.

My toenail.

Remember that volcano in Bali that we climbed four months ago?

Well, my two big toenails have been black ever since and I’ve been keeping the ugly things covered with some pretty pink nail polish. (The Tux in the Backpack was more right than he knew when he called my blog, a pink approach to Flashpacking)

I guess the moment was inevitable – but I was still pretty freaked out by it. I immediately emailed my friend Cindy who had lost a toenail while we were training for the Honolulu marathon in 2002 and she was very reassuring about it’s re-growth as well as my ability to still function normally.

It is a very strange sensation to be able to touch the skin on your toe that is usually protected by the nail.

I lost the other nail in Marseille – so I guess I really did leave a little piece of me behind in France. Two little pieces actually.

4 thoughts on “Something Pink”

  1. You know, toenails are a funny thing. I’m sure that yours will be fine, but I actually stubbed my big toe on my left foot when I was about 5 years old and it never grew back correctly. Since then, I’ve been painting it with the finest artistry. Or covering it with a band-aid. I then realized that my poor, large toe didn’t deserve to be covered, so I now have it on display for all the world to see. One of my friends actually wants to take a picture of it and hang it above her bed. She’s odd. Anyway, because your entire nail fell off, I think you’re in good shape – my situation was a bit different.

    Too much information? 🙂


  2. ha! Glad you’re enjoying your european segment so much! Matt and I stayed in a hostel in Victoria last weekend, so I figure now we’re ready for our big Europe trip!

    As for your toenail; mine also turned black & fell off after our big Baffin Island hike; you’ll be happy to know that by now (over a year later), it’s back to normal again! (I chose blue nailpolish instead of pink for an ideal coverup)

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