Sihanoukville – just a few little differences and some gecko poop

This morning I woke up with gecko poop in my hair. My first thought after “gross” was, “oh great! Now I have to wash my hair!” Normally, I like washing my hair – but not when it’s been raining, stormy and a little on the cool side and all you have is a cold water shower.

Stormy Day

Having an ice cold shower on a hot day: Refreshing. Having an ice cold shower on a wet, cool day: Torture. Washing my hair and having the cold water hit my back is particularly unpleasant.

We met a couple from New Zealand who have been traveling for a few months and while comparing travel notes she admitted that she hadn’t washed her hair in 5 days. Her boyfriend looked a little horrified but I could totally relate! (I am not as hard core as her – my record is only 3 days with unwashed hair) She was wearing a head scarf so I couldn’t even tell how dirty her hair was – she looked rather stylish with her scarf.

In regular life I shower and wash my hair every day but traveling changes you. The longer you can get away without doing something – you do. (For the record – I do shower every day!) But why wash my hair when I can just throw on a hat or put it up in a ponytail? Think of all the shampoo I’m saving!

The gecko poop changed things of course. I had to wash my hair after that. I discovered that enduring the ice cold water was only torture for the first half, then you get used to it and it’s not so bad. I can say this now because I’m all cozy but I couldn’t help but scream and curse a little while I was actually in the water….

In Cambodia and Thailand it’s not uncommon to see people walking around in their pajamas. Up until now though, it’s mostly been at night. I guess they shower and change into their PJ’s after the sun goes down and then they just wear their PJ’s out after dark. But in Sihoukville there are people who wear their pajamas all day long. It’s funny to see people on the beach in them. I asked a few locals what is up with the PJ phenomenon but they didn’t have an answer for me. My guess is that PJ’s are cheap, comfy and cool enough to wear all day long so why not?


Thais and Cambodians don’t wear swim suits in the ocean – they go in fully dressed. Only the foreigners wear bathing suits at the beach. You just don’t consider these things about a country before you get there and then you get so used to them while you’re there that they seem normal. Which of course they are – we’re the ones who are different.


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  1. Fyi, just saw an article in a fashion magazine that pjs were actually instyle. That’s the new fashion trend…go figure. It’s the new “leggings”. I guess Asia is fashion forward! 🙂

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