About The Flashpacking Wife

Hi. This is me:

Lindsie Tomlinson Foreman

On the beach in Costa Rica before I became the flashpacking wife. Costa Rica was where I became serious about flashpacking. It was the longest vacation I had in, ohhh, forever.

In high school, my big dream was to go to Australia for a year after I graduated, then come home and go to University. What did I do instead? I fell in love, moved out (and in with my then-boyfriend) a month after graduation, got a real job and became part of the real world.

As we all know, reality kinda sucks sometimes.

On the bright side, I bought a condo at 21, which I sold 9 years later and which is part of the reason I was able to do this.

I may have started working full time a little early, managing to get my college education part-time, but I also had a lot of years to save up. And I’m good at saving.

Lots happened of course in between high school graduation and Costa Rica. Two serious boyfriends, three years of being seriously single, and then, well, I met “The One”. You know the one you always hear about…

I met Curtis (who’s the blogger behind Flashpacking Life).

And we fell in love and got married and ended up in Costa Rica on our honeymoon.

Which is where we started to wonder how our lives could be more like this and less like reality (the 9 – 5 day jobs). Six months later we had our Kits condo rented out, our stuff in storage and our gear packed for a one year trip around the world.

The itinerary: four months in Southeast Asia, three months in Australia and five months in Europe. (We have since shortened the Australian portion to two months to spend more time in Europe, specifically France and the UK).

This is us:

Flashpackers in Sydney

Was it a scary thing to do? Absolutely! Do I have any regrets? Absolutely not!

Stay tuned to follow along on our adventures!


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